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Welcome to Parts Plus Motorsports!

Parts Plus Motorsports is a division of Parts Plus and the Automotive Distribution Network (The Network). The Network is ecstatic to sponsor one of the NHRA's greatest drag racers, 6-Time World Champion and reigning world record holder, Clay Millican!

Please join us in support of a fantastic driver, team, and sport. The Network is proud to be associated with Clay and the NHRA in an effort to bring drag racing to any and every one.

For more information about Clay Millican, the NHRA, and this year's event schedule, please use the convenience links. For more information about The Network, please visit us using the button below.

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2nd to One

Sept. 24, 2018: For Parts Plus Top Fuel driver Clay Millican, the 2018 fall weekend at Gateway Motor... More >

Quick to the Point(s)

Sept. 18, 2018: Every point counts. That was the mindset of Parts Plus Top Fuel driver Clay Millican... More >

Fruits of His Labor Day

Indianapolis, Ind.: Sept. 4, 2018: It was all systems go for Clay Millican and the Parts Plus Top Fu... More >

Millican Cut on Close Shave in Brainerd

BRAINERD, Minn.: August 20, 2018: Determined to gain further momentum heading into “The Big Go” at I... More >

South by Northwest

KENT, Wash., Aug. 5, 2018: It didn’t take long for Parts Plus/Great Clips Top Fuel driver Clay Milli... More >